Auto Insurance Claim Lawyers Near Me - In Each State

Car insurance Claim lawyers

Car insurance companies in various States are known to have been coming up with ways to deny or under pay auto insurance claims arising after claimants holding the right policies get involved in accidents.

In this regard, especially for US residents in high risk states for example California will always need an attorney for auto insurance claims.

Backed by the data from The US Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)  and the National Safety Council (NSC) , the US is not immune to road accidents and this means car insurance is a serious business. 

Car Accident Numbers From NHTSA,NSC And Insurify

In America, nationwide, each year the country records a total of over 6 million car accidents according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

On the other hand ,National Safety Council (NSC) estimated a total of 18,300 auto accident related deaths in the first half of the year 2020 in all States. In 2019, there were 38,800 deaths nationwide arising from car accidents according to the same organisation. 

States with the Highest Car Accident Associated Deaths 

States with highest number of car accidents

In the first six months of the year 2020, the US recorded a total of 18,300 deaths. The list below shows the top 10 states that recorded the most deaths in descending order;
  1. Texas (TX)
  2. California (CA)
  3. Florida (FL)
  4. Georgia (GA)
  5. North Carolina (NC)
  6. Pennsylvania (PA)
  7. Ohio (OH)
  8. Tennessee (TN)
  9. South Carolina (SC)
  10. Illinois (IL)

States with Few Number of Car Accidents 

According to Insurify, these are the American States that recorded the lowest number of car accidents last year, 2019;
  1. Michigan (MI)
  2. Mississippi (MS)
  3. New Mexico (NM)
  4. Oklahoma (OK)
  5. Nevada (NV)

States with the Highest Number of Car Accidents 

According to the same organisation, these are the states which recorded the largest numbers of car accidents in the United States in 2019; 
  1. Massachusetts (MA)
  2. Maine (ME)
  3. Maryland (MD) 
  4. Rhode Island (RI)
  5. New Hampshire (NH)
  6. South Carolina (SC)
  7. Ohio (OH)
  8. Nebraska (NE)
  9. Utah (UT)
  10. Oregon (OR)

Who Is A Car Insurance Lawyer?

A car insurance or auto insurance lawyer also known as car or auto insurance attorney, is a legal professional specialised in helping auto accident policy holders get deserving service from insurance companies after being involved in accidents. 

With such a high number of car accidents happening each year, car insurance claim lawyers are becoming necessary especially in facilitating honest indemnity. Most car owners get back on the road after insurance companies pay honestly. 

Auto insurance lawyers will take insurance companies to court and seek for re-evaluation of the whole risk assessing process in order to give a client the deserving pay.

In one incident, James a resident of California (CA) was awarded a mere $2500 from his insurer when he got involved in an accident with his car. After seeking the help of a car insurance claim lawyer, the insurer paid James a total of $ 50,000. This is how important these lawyers are in the US.

Who Can Seek Car Insurance Claim Lawyer's Services 

Anyone holding a car accident insurance policy can seek help from auto insurance claim attorneys.

Car accident risk which can be insured is damage to the car or injury to passenger (third party ) . Injury to self ( car owner) is treated as a different policy in the US known as Car Owners Insurance Policy. 

Whichever risk insured, if you get involved in an accident and feel the insured risk has occurred and you never initiated it, you can seek the services of claim lawyers if you feel the auto insurance company is not being honest. 

Difference Between Car Insurance Policy And Car Owner Insurance Policy 

Car insurance policy covers the car as an asset. When an accident occurs and the car get damaged, the insurer will investigate the  claim and pay to get the car back to the right conditions. 

A car owners insurance policy on the other hand cover injury to the owner of the car incase a non-self initiated accident occurs.

What's The Cost of a Car Insurance Policy 

How much is a car insurance policy in America? The value of a car insurance policy is dependent on various  factors an for this reason, there's no one fixed price quote. 

Car insurance quotes vary greatly per State. For example a car insurance policy in Texas may be high due to the highest chances of a car accident occurring according to data. The same policy is expected to be cheap in Michigan or New Mexico because these States have recorded the lowest number of car accidents this year.

Other factors that auto insurance companies consider before pricing a car insurance policy include the following among others;
  • Age and mileage of the car
  • Age of the driver
  • Drivers Credit score
  • Number of prior accidents by the car
  • State insurance laws 
According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)  data on average and on a national level ; 
  1. The cheapest car insurance policy cost is $90 per month. This mean in a year the cost becomes $1080
  2. The Most Expensive car insurance policy cost is $200 per month which equals to $2400 per annum. 
These average auto insurance prices were estimated from the most popular and largest car insurance companies nationally. 

USAA insurance company was discovered to be the cheapest car insurance company charging around $1000 per year while State Farm Insurance Company was ranked the most expensive car insurance company charging around $2000 in 2020.

The Largest Auto Insurance Companies 

Which are the largest insurance companies in the United States? There are 9 largest car insurance companies spread in almost all the states. You'll find branch outlets in New York, Washington, Florida, Ohio, Vermont etc.
  1. USAA Insurance company 
  2. Allstate Insurance company 
  3. Geico Insurance company 
  4. Nationwide Insurance Company 
  5. State Farm Insurance Company 
  6. Farmers Insurance Company 
  7. Travellers Insurance company 
  8. American Family Insurance Company 
  9. Progressive Insurance company 

What's The Cost Of Hiring A Car Insurance Claim Lawyer

Claim lawyers have use two models of charging service fees from their clients which are ;
  1. Charging One Flat Fee
  2. Charging Hourly Fees
On average nationwide, the One Flat fee Charge is $600. This model is not commonly used by lawyers and law firms in the States because many cases take very short time and clients always prefer paying less for the same.

Charging Hourly Fees is what most attorneys do and it's the preferred model by many clients seeking insurance claim lawyers. 

The average hourly rate nationwide is around $200 and the lowest hourly rate is $150.

According to Legal Shield, here are the charges per State per hour with both the minimum and the maximum fees shown; 

State Min. Charge ($) per hourMax. Charge ($) per hour
Alabama 175395
Alaska 300375
Arizona 295525
Arkansas 175375
California 175450
Colorado 200400
Connecticut 200525
Delaware 250525
District of Columbia 300560
Florida 125525
Georgia 175400
Illinois 150500
Indiana 175375
Iowa 150325
Kansas 150375
Kentucky 125400
Louisiana 150500
Maryland 250560
Massachusetts 150400
Michigan 150325
Minnesota 200425
Mississippi 130375
Missouri 150450
Montana 250375
Nebraska 160375
Nevada 395525
New Hampshire 260375
New Jersey 150525
New Mexico 200380
New York 150525
North Carolina 150500
North Dakota200425
Oklahoma 150375
Oregon 250350
Pennsylvania 150525
Rhode Island 250375
South Carolina 200500
South Dakota 250375
Tennessee 133.33400
Texas 175400
Utah 250375
Virginia 150560
West Virginia 200375
Vermont 215375
Washington 160375
Wisconsin 165375
Wyoming 250375

List Of Car Insurance Claim Lawyers In Each State 

Here are some of the auto insurance claim lawyers in each State in America who can help incase a car insurance company is acting in bad faith by denying, delaying or under paying a policy holder.

Auto Insurance Claim Lawyers Contacts States and Locations
Luks & Santaniello "Main office line; (954) 761-9900 Carrier/Clients Only Phone number; (888) 372-8711 Backup line 1; (561) 306-4660 Backup line 2; (813) 928-4408 Email address; Website;""FLORIDA, -Boca Raton -Fort Lauderdale -Fort Myers -Orlando -Miami -Jacksonville -Pensacola - Stuart - Tampa - Tallahassee - Sunrise "
Mena Law Firm "Call line 1; 866-233-9118 Call line 2; 305-290-2361 ""FLORIDA, 9700 Dixie Highway, Suite 660, Miami, FL 33156"
Eslamboly Hakim "Call line ; 800-LAW-TALK Call ; 888-754-1617 Website;""CALIFORNIA, Law Offices of Hakim 8730 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 500, Beverley Hills, CA 90211"
Viau & Kwasniewski Lawyers "Call ; 818-790-6287 Gary Kwasniewski; (213) 842-8164 Jeanette Viau ; (213) 842-8210 Website;""CALIFORNIA, Lost Angeles , 466 Foothill Boulevard, No.323 La Cañada, CA 91011"
Brod Law Firm "Call ; (800) 427-7020 Website;""CALIFORNIA Office 1; 96 Jessie St, San Francisco, CA 94105 Office 2 ; 17 Keller St, Petaluma,CA 94952"
Jacobs And Jacobs Injury Law Group "Call ; 253-845-0577 Website;""WASHINGTON, 114 E Meeker, Puyallup,WA 98372"
Attorney Rick H. Merrill "Call ; (425) 259-4972 Website;""WASHINGTON, Law Offices of Rick H. Merill, 3625 Colby Avenue, Everett, WA 98201"
Claimzen"Call ; (800) 930-1225 Website;""WASHINGTON, 6303 22nd Avenue NE, Seattle, WA"
Isaacs And Isaacs"Main line; 502-281-0664 Louisville Offices; call 502-458-1000 Lexington Offices ; Call 859-255-3000 Indianapolis offices; call 317-237-9000 Website;""KENTUCKY, Louisville Offices, 1601 Business Center ct, KY 40299 Lexington Offices, 333 w. Vine st, suite 300, KY 40507 INDIANA. Indianapolis Offices ; 201 Illinois st 1617, IN 46204 OHIO Cincinnati Offices; 201 E 5th st Ste 1935, Cincinnati OH 45202"
Tracey Law Firm "Call; 214-935-2369 Website;""TEXAS 1412 Main Street, Suite 623, TX 75202"
Charles J. Argento"Call ; 713-766-4708 (Houston) Website;""TEXAS Houston Offices; 111 North Loop West 715. Other Cities; -Conroe -Deer Park -Galveston -Baytown -League City -Pasadena -Galena Park -Humble -La Porte -Texas City "
Jon Michael Smith Attorney Call; 512-518-4584"TEXAS, 3305 Northland Drive ,Suite 500, Austin, TX 78731"
Polewski and Associates Call ; 972-230-6200"ARKANSAS, 8114 Cantrell, suite 100, Little Rock, AR 72227"
Dustin H. Jones P.A,Call ; 870-277-1292ARKANSAS,Jonesboro
Taylor King Law"Call ; 1800.CAR.WRECK Call ; 501-712-2554(Little Rock) Call; 479-935-1761(Springdale) Call ; 870-293-0141(Arkadelphia) Call ; 870-568-1158(Jonesboro) Call; 479-668-319""ARKANSAS, Little Rock Office; 820 W 3rd Street, AR 72201 Springdale Office; 410 N Thomson Street, Suite B, AR 72764 Arkadelphia Office; 320 Main Street, AR 71923 Jonesboro Office; 1920 East Mathews, AR 72401. Fort Smith Office; 2222 Roger's Avenue, Suite D, AR 72901"